Not much to look at now, but once they acclimate and get in the pond they are going to grow so deliciously.

The original plan was an aquaponic system (growing fish and plants together) but it didnt work out with the size of the pond and what was affordable for the pump and filter.  So just fish in a pond.

Yes, these are eatin’ fish. In ideal conditions they should grow to 16-20 oz in about 240 days.

This is the pond.

And this is the filtration set up.

The pump fills the highest three tubs which have a four-inch pipe in the middle. The water swirls around, leaving debris in the tubs and when it fills to the top of the center pipe, the water drains and fills the lower three tubs. Then more swirling, more debris falling to the bottom. The hope is that relatively clean, aerated water falls into the center pipe in the lower tubs and back into the pond.

There are two spigots to drain the debris and future fish poop from the tubs.  The plan is to use this in the garden and around trees as fertilizer. So the plants are not completely left out of this equation.

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